6 Top Things To Do In Eze

Of course, there are more than 6 top things to do in Eze, but let’s start with the best. 

Only 30 minutes from Nice, Eze offers a unique experience as you wander the narrow cobblestone streets and make your way up to the top.

And yes, you want to go there because this small charming village is also gorgeous, medieval, and memorable.

An easy day trip from Nice, spend the afternoon exploring things to do in Eze village. Take your time, breath in the colors, and feast your eyes on the views 400 meters above the Mediterranean.

Start with these 6 top things to do in Eze.


cobblestone street eze
Eze Village Cobblestones Photo Credit: VNT

The cobblestone streets of Eze village are like a labyrinth. A wonderful labyrinth you’ll enjoy getting lost in.

Out of all the top things to do in Eze, well, you could stop at this one and be happy 🙂

Visit local shops and enjoy taking beautiful pictures.

Beware there are quite a few steps so just take your time.



Of course, this luscious garden makes the list of the top things to do in Eze. 

The very extensive plant collection gives way to a gorgeous view… Seriously breathtaking. Get your camera ready!

Search for the impressive collection of statues within the plants, as well as exotic cacti and other fantastic plant life, and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view.

  • The small entrance fee is more than worth it and the hours are as follows: 

Every day from 9 am to 430pm during January/February/March/November/Dec

9 am to 630 pm during April/May/June/ October

9 am to 7.30 pm during July, August/ September

Here’s the official site for more information. 


Eze Village Church Photo Credit: VNT

Notre Dame de l’Assomption.

This gorgeous yellow ochre color church sits proudly on the hilltop, and you can spot it from several places around the village.

There’s plenty of space to admire this 18th-century church and as you walk around, be sure to look for the few small but magnificent bronze statues in the bushes. 


top things to do in Eze Nietsche path

One of the top things to do in Eze only if you’re fit is to take the train to Eze Sur Mer and walk the path up to Eze village. 

If you are already in Eze village and would like to walk down the path towards the beach, then start the path next to the hotel restaurant Chevre d’Or. It takes about 1 hour downhill. 

But if you parked your car in the village, then you have to walk back up to the village.

If you don’t have a car, then just walk to the Eze sure Mer train stop and take the train back to Nice.

This path is called the Nietzche path because when this german philosopher spent time in Nice he’d also venture out toward Eze for inspiration and where he finished his book Zarasuthra.

It’s quite a steep 2km walk, so be sure to wear proper shoes and bring lots of water during the summer months. 

Not child friendly because of the loose stones on the steep path.

At the halfway point, you’ll see beautiful sea views!

Fun fact: In the past, donkeys used to use this path to deliver olive oil…


Ruelle Eze Village Photo Credit: VNT

If you’re into delicious food, then one of the top things to do in Eze is to eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant. La Chevre d’Or.

It’s undeniably expensive. But it’s an unforgettable high-end foodie experience. 

The grounds of the restaurant, (also a hotel), have unique gardens, original decorations, and of course gorgeous views of the valley below. 

So if you want some peace and quiet and of course comfort and luxury, then this is the place!

Check availability here 


perfume machine copper

If you’re a perfume lover, add this to your top things to do in Eze.

Visit an authentic perfume laboratory where a few spices and flowers added to a few other magical elements create wonderful fragrances.

Take a tour and learn all about this ancient-modern way of fragrance making. 

Official Site: Fragonard Parfumeur


eze chateau entrance top things to do
Chateau Chevre d’Or Photo Credit: VNT

By car: It’s easy to get to Eze village if you rent a car. Follow the Moyenne Corniche for about 30 minutes. It’s roughly 10 km from Nice but the roads are a bit curvy…

Parking isn’t easy but if you come early enough you can park in the small lot near the Tourist Office, or try the other lot about 50 meters down. 

By Bus:

No.82 goes to Eze. You can get it at the Tram Vauban stop and make sure it goes in the direction of Plateau de Justice Eze. But some bus lines on public transport change quite a bit so I would suggest you check the stops and the schedule beforehand, and use this site. Rome2Rio

By Train:

From Nice Ville to Eze sur Mer you can take a 20-minute train ride. However, it takes you down to the sea and not up to the village. It’s a 30-minute walk to the village.


Full disclosure: I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you if you choose to use the services below. Thanks for your support 🙂

To see all the top things to do in Eze, it may seem complicated without a car or without a stable bus-train schedule. So why not try to join a small and just enjoy the day?

Here are a few tours worth trying :

On your trip to Nice or the surrounding area, make sure to spend an afternoon and enjoy the top things to do in Eze.

I know you’ll enjoy this charming village nestled on a hilltop! Have fun !

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