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Best Spot for Taking Photos in Nice

The best spot for taking photos in Nice include the old town, the port, special angles as well as higher places for panoramic views.

Some photo spots are obvious, like the wonderful view of the Mediterranean, while for other photos, you’ll have to work a little harder to get to.

There is no one best spot for taking photos in Nice. There are many!

And they are all worth it!

So put on some comfortable walking shoes and be camera-ready ๐Ÿ™‚

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1. PLACE MASSENA best spot for taking photos in Nice of patterns

Place Massena, Nice. Photo: VisitNiceToday

Place Massena is a large square strategically located between the Zone Pietonne, Avenue Jean Medecin, the Coulee Verte, and the Old Town.

The entire square has a cool checkered pattern spread across each angle. Get closer to the ground for an original photo, or stand on a corner to take a wide view.


Play with shadows and light within the arcades on both sides of the square.

In the evening the 7 statues above you change colors, which makes for very interesting photos.

2. PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS for best photos of the sea

best photo spots in nice prom view
Nice. Photo VisitNiceToday

The Promenade des Anglais stretches from the airport to the port, and you’ll find many great spots on the way.

Of course, one iconic photo spot is the Negresco Hotel facing the sea with its pink dome.

If you wake up early, take a few photos of the fishermen who try their luck as the sun comes up. The light is just magical!

Continue walking towards the port until you reach the #ILoveNice sign.

From behind the sign is one of the best photo spots in Nice, as you can see the entire stretch of beach with typical pastel buildings to the right.

3. CASTLE HILL best spot for panoramic views


Castle Hill, also known as the Chateau, is a beautiful green park above Nice with amazing views.

If you are fit, then start taking photos while climbing the many many many stairs from the east side of the promenade des Anglais. (across from the ILoveNice sign)

The higher you go, the wider your view on the Baie des Anges.

You can also take the elevator next to the stairs ๐Ÿ™‚

Once you reach the top, walk around and test which view you like best.

You’ll find the best spot for taking photos of Nice and bring back great shots such as:

  • The cascade, although artificial it’s still beautiful.
  • View of Nice’s rooftops as well as the Old Town.
  • View of the port
  • The ancient Roman ruins.
  • If you’re lucky you may even see the snow-capped mountains of the Alpes!

Try visiting at different times of the day for different lighting.

A special note: this is the best spot for taking photos in Nice at sunset of the beautiful Baie des Anges.

4. OLD TOWN best spot for colored facades

The old town is a maze of small alleys and narrow streets filled with colored architecture.

Fountains, squares, old churches, small shops, and cozy restaurants. It’s all great photo material.


Here are a few spots that make for great photos:

The Cours Saleya: borders the old town.

Great photo ops on the ground level of this colorful flower market.

Get ready for all sorts of plants, flowers, and bouquets just waiting to get into your lens.

Notice that on one side of the Cours Saleya, several archways lead towards the beach.

Near the central arch, climb the few stairs for a great view of the market, its striped awnings, as well as the baroque church in front of you.

Place Rossetti

Within the old town, make your way to this vast and beautiful square.

There are 3 spots here to take good photos.
– If you walk Rue Rossetti from the top down, you’ll go by a series of colorful buildings on each side.

Old Town Street: Photo credit: VisitNiceToday

Lots of yellows, reds, and greens. Take a photo when the beautiful church tower of Sainte Reparate comes into view.

– Stand in front of the church Sainte Reparate, and look towards your left. You’ll see a very skinny building between 2 streets. It’s an original photo!

– On the side of the fountain, there is a small alley with a restaurant terrace, which is also a good photo.

But if you look up, you may see some strange figures on one of the balconies!

They aren’t always there.. but it’s worth a look anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

The old town is a very photogenic place. Wander around and strike the pose!

Take 5 minutes and watch a video of the Old Town ๐Ÿ™‚

5. THE PORT and its colorful boats


Take a walk along the Port of Nice and zoom on small colorful boats or big yachts. Depending on the light, the buildings will seem a golden color, very beautiful!

Walk on Frank Pilate, the avenue that runs parallel to the water, and find some great angles of the waves crashing on the rocks.

It may just also be the best spot for taking photos in Nice of the far-off lighthouse with its red cap.

6. TETE CARREE best photo of modern sculpture

Tete Caree. Photo Credit: VisitNiceToday

Nice is full of cool statues and art galleries.

But this piece of modern architecture is as huge as a building! You can’t miss it.

The square head – La Tete Carree is located near the MAMAC (museum of modern and Contemporary Art) and is 30 meters high with library offices on 7 floors.

You can’t visit the inside, but you can have fun deciding if you like it or not and take a few photos from different angles.

Artist: Sacha Sosno

So there you have a good starting point: the Old Town, Place Massena, The Port, Castle Hill, and the Square Head ๐Ÿ™‚

Nice in 5 minutes? Check our videos..

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