A Weekend in Saint Tropez

Enjoy a weekend in Saint Tropez and discover its other side.

When most people think of Saint Tropez, they think jet-setters and ooh la la chic stuff. And it’s true.

But not all year round.

In fact, your experience during a weekend in Saint Tropez depends on the season you choose to visit.

St Tropez has 2 distinct faces. The jet-setters and the locals. Winter and Summer.

In the old days, this small community was a fishing village. But today most think of big-name celebrities, huge yachts, and all-night parties.

This is Saint Tropez in the summer, where champagne parties go on all night and million-dollar Ferrari owners cruise around town. These people spend more than a weekend in Saint Tropez or sometimes just one night, but because Saint Tropez is so small you will have a hard time moving around.

During the summer it is very difficult to walk the narrow streets because they are so crowded!

But who can blame them, beautiful weather, sandy beaches, colored houses, and narrow cobblestone streets, are all very inviting!

So try a weekend in Saint Tropez off-season for more elbow room 🙂

Maybe winter or late fall...

Crowds are non-existent and although many shops and restaurants may have limited hours or might even be closed, it is still so worth the visit.


Street in St. Tropez. Photo: VNT

When you spend a weekend in Saint Tropez you get to discover its real facet and enjoy a breezy Joie de Vivre as it reverts to its natural state of paradise.

Very early spring or late fall is also a wonderful time to visit and spend a weekend in Saint Tropez, you’ll find some crowds but nothing like July or August.

But whichever season you choose for your weekend in Saint Tropez, keep in mind the pros and cons of each season and be sure to explore its main attractions.


LA PONCHE – The best of a weekend in Saint Tropez

Shop in Old Town St. Tropez. Photo: VNT

This is the old town and the heart of the village of Saint Tropez. It borders the Old Port and sits below the citadel.

It is the most typical and picturesque part of Saint Tropez with its narrow pedestrian streets and alleyways lined with both local and chic shops, cafes, and restaurants.

You will no doubt explore this area quite a bit during your weekend in Saint Tropez.

Make your way to the other side of the port, and climb the few steps for a windy and beautiful view.


Facade Annonciade Museum. Photo: VNT

During your weekend in Saint Tropez make sure to visit this museum.

Located not far from the port, this small chapel was transformed into a small museum in 1955. You can satisfy your museum craving (if you have one) and enjoy modern art from the early XX century.

Sculptures and paintings from famous French artists depicting historical places in St. Tropez are displayed on 2 levels.

If you like the impressionist era then take time to check it out.

Entrance fee: 6euros

For more info

For other museums in the South of France, please read  Great Museums



Dating from the 16th century, the Citadelle proudly overlooks the sea, protecting the small village below.

Take a slow walk to the top and check out the dungeon which is today a small museum: Musee Histoire Maritime (3euros)

Worth it especially for the amazing view and the charming port. Squeeze it in during your weekend in Saint Tropez.


old port-saint-tropez
Port View St Tropez. Photo: VNT

Le Vieux Port is where the humble fishing village of Saint-Tropez took root way back when…

Today when you wander through the old port you can relax at an outdoor cafe and spend some time people-watching.

And during the summer season, be assured that there are a lot of people to watch!

That’s why if you have a choice, you may want to spend your weekend in Saint Tropez during another season… other than summer.

View of Saint-Tropez

If you like outdoor markets   I love them !) then take a walk to the nearby Place des Lices!  An array of fruits, vegetables, and flowers to choose from early in the morning.

Have a chat with the vendors and try out bite-sized samples of foods that you aren’t familiar with.

If you are staying a few days in Saint Tropez, then you can also go to the daily fish market and choose a fresh lunch to cook in your temporary home.


Square St Tropez. Photo: VNT

This square is a short walk from the old port.

Here is where the older locals come to play the traditional game of « boules ». and gather to chat in the afternoons.

Today most people use social media to connect, but here, they actually meet in person almost every day! A wonderful way to socialize while enjoying a game.

Relax on a nearby bench and try to learn the rules 🙂

On Tuesdays and sometimes Saturdays the local market takes place here.

It’s very popular among locals and tourists, it’s a colorful place to buy everything from strawberries to ceramic bowls.

Just stroll, take it all in and enjoy your morning.

During the Christmas holidays and New Year, part of this market is transformed into a skating rink!

Very fun, especially with the churros stand nearby.



Do you like long walks, tricky hikes, and beautiful secluded beaches? Then this is for you.

The scenery along the coast is amazing.  Start off your journey from La Ponche.  You should set aside a 1/2 day to a full day to walk at a leisurely pace and relax on the beach, but it really depends on how far you want to go.

On the way, enjoy stunning views of the sea and explore its natural, at times rugged beauty.

Please respect the environment and don’t litter. Take water and be careful in certain spots which may not be smooth and quite tricky over rocks.

At the  Office du Tourism they give out useful information to help map out your route and calculate how far you’d like to go.

You can also start your walk from Plage des Canebiers or from  Plage des Graniers.



Of course, not everyone has the choice of when they can take their vacation. So if the only time you can organize your weekend in Saint Tropez is summertime, then come anyway!

You may not get that relaxed feel that Saint Tropez offers to the brave souls that come during winter.

And you probably won’t feel the poetry in the air while strolling through the old town and fishing port, but that’s ok.

You’ll still find plenty of other sights and sounds to write home about 🙂




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