Practice French Conversation

Practice French With a Bilingual Partner.

All levels. At your own pace.

The time is now. 


If you’re here it’s because you’d like to practice your French. And you’re in the right place!

Let’s start conversing together and soon you’ll be talking up a storm!


For those who don’t know me yet, I’m Karen and I live in Nice. It’s my pleasure to meet you and be your personal practice partner to help you improve your French or English.

We will converse, read, and listen as well as role-play to make learning fun and simple.

We’ll also talk about your specific needs and work towards improving and reaching your language goals.

Start practicing French or English today and speak with confidence tomorrow!

This is how it works.

I’ll be your practice partner. You can send me an email at visitnicetoday @ gmail . com.

We’ll find the best date and time that suits your needs and work out the details for skype/Whatsapp, and PayPal.

Port of Nice.

Talk soon my friends 🙂

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