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4 Great Cafe in the Port Area of Nice

A great cafe in the port area of Nice is where you feel like staying for a while, where the wifi works well, and the coffee is excellent.

It’s where you can also have a delicious something to eat!

I couldn’t list all my favorite cafes as each one has something unique to offer.

Like a delicious avocado toast, people-watching streets, or a cozy homemade feel…

Here are my top 4 in the Port neighborhood.


CHEZ PAULETTE: Great cafe in the port for people-watching

cafe paulette port
Chez Paulette Cafe. Photo credit: VisitNiceToday

This trendy and nicely decorated restaurant cafe in the port neighborhood is located on the pedestrian Place du Pin.

The staff is super friendly and serves breakfast lunch and tapas for dinner. Be sure to reserve as it’s small and popular, especially on weekends.

In the summer, the outside terrace is always packed and you can find a mix of locals, families, and tourists who have heard of this place.

The menu has delicious and healthy options like crispy chicken salad, smacked tuna, soups, salads, and Buddha bowls. You could also try their organic wines and fun cocktails.

It’s a bit expensive, but then again…

I’m usually at this great cafe in the port very early in the morning when it’s still quiet.. with my laptop, a cortado or two, and great music 🙂

Location: 15 Rue Bonaparte


great cafes central electrique
Le Comptoir Central Electrique. Photo: VisitNiceToday

Great trendy cafe with a vintage atmosphere

This great cafe in the port area is across from Chez Paulette.

Come here for an early coffee and a simple breakfast, a delicious lunch, or dinner, or just for a few drinks and appetizers.

If you come for lunch or dinner, here are some dishes you could try: tuna ceviche, guacamole, and truffle, or a tasty burger with a burrata salad and its delicious dressing.

Make your mouth drop with a Toblerone spring roll or a chocolate caramel fondant for dessert.

This great cafe in the port is unique with its eclectic and vintage decoration and of course, delicious food.

Keep in mind that the service is a bit slow and prices are a bit higher than the norm.

36 RUE BONAP: Great cafe in the port for a homemade lunch

great cafe bagel bonap

This great cafe in the port has only a few tables inside, but I’ve included it because of its good coffee and homemade lunches.

Mostly locals come here and in the morning you can hear their small talk about the news and daily life.

36 Bonap also has the best homemade couscous on the block, great omelets, and delicious supercharged bagels.

Samy and his wife are super friendly and work very hard! But they always serve you with a smile.

Reasonably priced. Closed Sundays

Location: 36 Rue Bonaparte Reviews


Great cafe in the port for good coffee + dessert


Looking for excellent coffee with croissants? Or maybe a Croque monsieur or a tempura dish?

Or if you’ve walked around all day and need a break, maybe a decadent dessert?

plate of pink pastries

Then Deli Bo is the place. This great cafe in the port has a cool indoor deco as well as a large comfortable outside terrace.

It’s a short walk from Place Garibaldi. They serve breakfast, tasty lunches, and of course, coffee and desserts. But keep in mind the service is a bit slow but worth it.

Location: 5, Rue Bonaparte, Nice

These cafes all have something special about them. It’s up to you to find the one that matches your personality 🙂

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